Kettlewell Primary School

Part of the Upper Wharfedale Primary Federation

Be the light

Our vision is to help each child flourish into a caring, confident and resilient young person who has a love of learning.

We do this through our shared values: love, kindness, forgiveness, thankfulness and trust. We uphold high aspirations for all our children, through our innovative and inspiring approach to teaching and learning.

Kettlewell Primary School is situated in the village of Kettlewell in the beautiful Upper Wharfedale region of the Yorkshire Dales.

Welcome to Kettlewell Primary School, part of the Upper Wharfedale Primary Federation.

At Kettlewell Primary School we encourage children to immerse themselves in learning opportunities that inspire them. We are passionate about nurturing children so that they flourish into a caring, confident and resilient young person who has a love of learning.

As part of The Upper Wharfedale Primary Federation, we benefit from being part of an outward looking organisation and have opportunities to learn collaboratively and access specialist teaching beyond an individual school’s scope. Pupils come together at least once a week with peers from their own year group to access specialist teaching in subjects such as PE, music and French.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of our children. We work hard to know every child, to know their strengths, interests and next steps, so that learning is always challenging and exciting.

The staff and Governors are unwavering in their commitment to children’s learning within our federation. The curriculum encourages children to discover, explore and create. We understand that memorable learning is learning that lasts. We offer a wide school curriculum that ignites a love of learning which will last a lifetime – see our curriculum pages!

Free home to school transport is provided throughout Upper Wharfedale, Langstrothdale and Littondale for all children living more than 2 miles from school. Extended hours can be provided through UWPF After School Club at Grassington Primary. Pupils are transported to the after school free of charge in our federation mini bus..

Our teachers meet at least once a week to drive, support and challenge each other to be the best they can be – to make a difference in the lives of the children. We are proud of our schools and we hope you can see why.

Mrs Claire Greenwood & Mr Chris Parkhouse
Executive Co-Headteachers

Discover, explore and create... little people have big adventures at our pre-school