School Uniform

School uniform is worn at Kettlewell Primary School; casual dress, including jeans, is not allowed.

The uniform is determined by the Governors and is reviewed from time to time.

The school uniform has been selected to:
a. give pupils pride in their appearance and in their school;
b. train pupils in presenting themselves smartly;
c. enable pupils to dress well, irrespective of their home economic circumstances, in clothes that are cheaply available, yet practical and hardwearing.


It is the responsibility of all school staff to ensure the uniform rules are upheld. Class teachers should perform a uniform check daily and keep a log of indiscretions. The School Manager should be informed of any persistent breaches of school uniform and will contact home to resolve the situation as swiftly and calmly as possible.

If parents have any concerns about uniform, they should contact school as early as possible and we will support as much as reasonably possible. If there are any doubts about the suitability of any item, it is useful to ring the school before the item is bought.

All uniform items and other equipment should be clearly marked with the pupil’s name. Exemption:

Very rarely, a specific exemption to an item of uniform requirement may be applied for. This is not usually granted for any reason other than on medical grounds, in which case written application should be made to the Headteacher. Other requests on religious or compassionate grounds should also be made through the Headteacher. We also allow pupils to come to school in non-uniform on their birthday.

The uniform comprises the following:

  • White Polo shirts or white cotton shirts,
    Black or Grey Skirts, Pinafore dresses or Trousers
  • Black or grey tights or socks (white socks may be worn with skirts/dresses/shorts)
  • Royal Blue sweatshirts and or fleece
  • Blue gingham dresses or grey shorts may be worn in the Summer (optional),
  • Sensible, black shoes (no trainers please)
  • During cold weather warm coats, hats, scarves and gloves

P.E. Kit

  • Any blue tracksuit bottoms,
  • Navy Kettlewell Primary School PE hoody,
  • Navy Kettlewell Primary School polo shirt,
  • Navy shorts
  • Black Plimsolls for indoors,
  • Trainers for outdoors.

KS1 children should bring their PE kits into school EVERY Monday morning and then leave them at school for the whole week. KS2 pupils will come to school wearing their PE kits every Thursday. Jewellery is limited to ear studs. Watches must be removed and long hair must be tied back during PE lessons especially PE lessons and swimming.

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