Our Curriculum

Our vision is to create a curriculum that encourages children to discover, explore and create. We want to help each child flourish into a caring, confident and resilient young person who has a love of learning. We will do this by upholding high aspirations through our innovative and inspiring approach to teaching and learning.

We have weekly reflection time in our Philosophy sessions in which children explore big questions and moral dilemmas. These sessions enable children to know they are of immense worth and that they can make a valuable contribution to their school community and the wider world.

We will look for opportunities to embrace our our local area, ensuring children to learn to understand and appreciate the wonders and beauty of nature. We want to spend time learning beyond the classroom; to explore and discover. We aim for all children to take part in Forest Schools lessons.

Metacognition will become an integral part our curriculum. Children will have an opportunity to learn about learning in our weekly ‘Learnology’ sessions. The sessions will allow children to understand themselves as learners and to know about the process of learning. This empowers children to make a difference in their lives and helps them understand their responsibility for their learning.

We recognise the importance of preparing our children for life in modern Britain. We will continue to celebrate diversity through our inclusive community. We will forge strong links with contrasting communities and look for learning opportunities beyond The Dales.

Promoting healthy living is a key feature within our schools. Through our excellence in sports, lessons in food technology and promoting a growth mindset, we are helping our children to develop healthy bodies and minds.


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